Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why you shouldn’t vote or watch American (idol) tonight and tomorrow

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
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The simple reason is because your vote DOES NOT MATTER. What? Did you read that right? Are you starting to feel angry because of that comment? Well that is exactly what MSNBC and FOX News has thought us in the past few weeks. If you voice your opinion and it is against their opinion then obviously the system is broken. Ron Paul people have been accused (not proven) that they spammed the MSNBC poll and found a way to rig the FOX News poll after the debate. Don't you think it is ironic especially that American Idol is ran exactly the same way and that they have accused (not proven) Ron Paul's camp of doing this as if it is a horrible thing? Then they have to the nerve to call it a false win and that it means nothing. That's right calling or texting for the person you want to win means absolutely nothing to FOX. No one has been able to prove that there was multiple votes from the same person after the debate on FOX and they even set up safe guards to prevent it and yet they still say it means nothing. How much less does your vote count for American Idol?

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