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Officer Jack McLamb (ret.) has the distinction of being the highest decorated police officer in the history of Phoenix, Arizona who is now residing in a Constitutional Community in northern Idaho. Jack is founder of the American Citizen and Lawmens Association (ACLA),and publisher of Aid & Abet Police and Military Newsletter. Jack hopes to awaken all of his brothers in law enforcement to the coming tyranny of the NWO. "The Constitution vs The New World Order" Seminar on November 18-20th 1994 - Las Vegas. Jack McLamb's 2hour Speech now available on DVD & Audio CDs.

Jack McLamb Interview – Sunday before Thanksgiving 1994 at the Italian American Club in Las Vegas

Mr. Doherty: What brings you to Las Vegas Jack?

Jack McLamb: I was invited down to speak. About 15 years ago I started a publication , “Aid And Abet Police Newsletter” – Constitutional issues for lawmen - still publish that publication today and very active in trying to educate lawmen in their understanding of their oath of office that they took to the people defend the Constitution and so forth.

Mr. Doherty: How do see a need for teaching Constitutional law to sworn officers who should be receiving this traning from their departments.

Jack McLamb: It’s very sad because of course their first duty is to uphold their oath of office and that oath reads that they have sworn to protect the Constitution of the united States, the people, their liberties and rights and their property and their person. Well it’s difficult for officers to protect people’s rights when we don’t know what they are. And so you would think that the first line of business would be for them to be trained in their Constitutional duties,but of course they are not today. The Constitution by our government is looked at as old and antiquated and out of date and so we’re not given that training anymore. So it is sad that private – or let’s say individual – police officers and people in private sector have to take over this duty of trying to educate their lawmen who are supposed to be their servants in what their duties are.

Mr. Doherty: Seems to me Mr. McLamb that a police officer working the streets of the city and reporting to his sargent, his Lieutenant and his Captain sometimes has to give a thought for his job, his paycheck and his career and the Constitution might come second. How do you work the two together.

Jack McLamb: It’s very very difficult because of course they, the government, prefers that the police officer worry about his job, his pension and don’t think anything about the Constitution – just do what he’s told regardless of what that is. And so it’s very unpopular to teach the Constitution in that they sworn an oath to the people and to protect the people and not to protect the system from the people.

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Is The White House Running Scared of America's New "View" About 9/11?

Was this program canceled because of The White House's Press Conference?

According to Jim Fetzer in his presention last night ABC and the producers of "The View" canceled their plans to air "Loose Change" and William Rodrigez because President Bush and the White House scheduled a news conference at the EXACT time that "The View" was to air. Click here for more.

Editor's Note: Was this why Rosie O'Donnell on May 25, 2007 announced she would leave, effective immediately, three weeks before her contract was set to expire? In April O'Donnell had originally announced she would be leaving the show on June 20 after being unable to reach a contract agreement with ABC. Her replacement has not been announced. Click here for more.

Or was it just another cat fight with Elizabeth - plenty of options to spin here.

Fight on The View!

Posted May 23, 2007

The claws come out when Elisabeth gets fed up and finally loses her temper on Rosie...BIGTIME.

Finally, Dylan Avery chimes in.... Thursday, May 24, 2007 What's going on? This: I'm busy all day every day editing the Final Cut. We were supposed to be on The View on the 24th with David Ray Griffin, then that got postponed until June 4th, then that got cancelled completely. Click here for more.

Ron Paul Crushes All Rivals On Bill Maher's HBO Poll

Click here to vote now!!

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Ron Paul's dark secret


Is Magneto the alter ego of Ron Paul? Does he wield super powers?
Ron Paul, who was already gathering momentum on the internet has exploded in popularity. He has won hands down every straw poll he's been in. Internet traffic related to Paul is through the roof. The search term 'Ron Paul' has been dominating over all other political candidates in every metric. Ron Paul has been reigning supreme over the blog tracker Technorati and the video site Youtube since the debates and he shows little sign of being unseated anytime soon. Ron Paul has become so popular, he has spawned his own anti-paul fan club. A small group of individuals scurrying around the internet attempting to disparage the statesman. They often drop quotes which are either out of context or just plain wrong. Another tactic is to claim that Paul's support is much less than it appears to be, and is merely due to a dedicated group trying to 'game' the system. This of course doesn't stand up to the metrics and the companies that report such statistics which make their money and found their entire livelihood on being fairly accurate which show that interest in Paul is clearly widespread and quite real. The fact seems to be, Ron Paul resonates with the internet crowd and the more people find out about him, the more people like him. The question remains however as to whether or not he can translate internet popularity into actual votes.
Click here for more.

We're Not Going To Take It Anymore....VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

Hat tip Openyourmindseye.

Astronauts gone Wild U MUST SEE THIS!!!

After seeing this ask yourself: Do you still believe man walked on the moon?

Paul Finds Support Online

May 22, 2007

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) "may be barely registering in public opinion polls, but his supporters are making their presence known on the Internet," reports the New York Times. "They were particularly energized after the second Republican debate, held last week in South Carolina."

Following his debate performance, Paul’s followers "responded with support, in all the ways by which success is measured in cyberspace: in online polls about who won the debate, in the numbers of friends on MySpace and viewings of videos on YouTube. His was the most-searched name on Technorati, ahead of Paris Hilton’s."
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'Dark horse' Paul: 'The majority of Americans are with me'

David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Monday May 21, 2007

'Dark horse' presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) believes that "that the majority of Americans are with me," regarding his harsh insurgent attacks on President Bush's Iraq policies.

During CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer host John King asked Paul a hypothetical question, in reference to the war in Iraq: "If China took back Taiwan today, you say go to the Congress, or does the president not have the authority as commander in chief?"

"Absolutely he does not have the authority," Paul said. "Where does he get it? You can't go to war without Congressional approval. And that's not a threat to our national security. That's something internal affairs. Why should we send hundreds of thousands of Americans to die in a civil war?"

Paul added, "I mean, are we over in Russia right now over Chechnya? I mean, it wouldn't make any sense. Did we go to war over Hong Kong?"

"We should follow the Constitution and the advice of the founders," Paul continued. "Don't go looking for dragons to slay. I mean, why should we go and provoke and look for trouble? We should talk to people, negotiate, be diplomatic and trade with people." Click here for more.

Confessions Of A Libertarian...

It’s been years since I heard that advice, but I thought about it this morning when I was watching a news clip of Ron Paul at the Republican debate. Paul’s been my candidate since I heard he was running. He has a record of upholding the constitution. He pushes for small government. Hell, he has a sign on his desk that says “Don’t steal, thats the governments job.” Sure he’s crazy, but I like him. I knew he was anti-war from the beginning... he’s a Libertarian after all.
The problem is that I’ve always believed in the war. It felt like something that needed to be done. I saw the war as protecting our way lives. I still do in fact. Which is where I deviate from the path set out by the Libertarian Party, and followed by Ron Paul.

So, I’m left wondering how do I reconcile my libertarian beliefs with my support for the war. Within the libertarian framework I find local and national policy easy. Simplified, my rights extend to where yours begin, and government exists only to protect our rights... that about covers it. But, how do you handle international issues?

Ron Paul 9000+ Subscribers On!

1069 new subscribers in just the past 13 hours! Subscribe to Ron Paul's YouTube channel and help him crank up the numbers even more. Spread the word! Tell all your friends to subscribe to Ron Paul's YouTube channel today!

Ron Paul's Web Of Support

Ron Paul’s Web of Support
The Caucus, The New York Times, 05/21/07

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1. May 21st, 2007 10:06 pm

I am a Google Engineer
I support Ron Paul with my heart!

— Posted by Julian

2. May 21st, 2007 10:06 pm

Internet is full of intelligent tech savvy people and in Ron Paul, they have found someone who represents their beliefs. Almost everyone at Cambridge university who watches him speak believes he speaks sense.

— Posted by howard wong

3. May 21st, 2007 10:12 pm

Ron Paul has my support because he is the most principaled man running for President of the United States in 2008. He is clearly America’s best hope for a return to Constitutional government and real liberty.

— Posted by J. Stephen Conn

4. May 21st, 2007 10:19 pm

Ron Paul offers a unique voice, one that is not often heard. People should stop and think about how our foreign policy has affected our standing around the world. At least he doesn’t flip flop all over the place like McCain; he sticks to his principles and thats admirable. Click here for more.

Ron Paul

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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OK, I haven't blogged here in seemingly forever and this one will be short, but I felt a need to say something about this... If you caught the Republican Presidential debates last week, you likely saw Ron Paul comment about what the U.S. has done in the past to bring about the kind of sentiment that caused the events of 9/11. Everyone else on stage and in the audience seemed to look at the guy like he had two heads for suggesting that we need to take a look at our own actions in the world as we look for answers in how to deal with terrorism, and Rudy Giuliani even took him to task over it to great applause.

What a crock. I lost all respect for Giuliani on that one. Here's someone that has the cahones to come out and actually question our foriegn policy and rather than open up a serious discussion that could lead to something, Giuliani took it as an opportunity to make the guy look like a freak. I'm sorry, but our foriegn policy has LOTS to do with where we are today with Al Qaeda. Those people have never wanted us around, yet we've seen fit to stick our noses in worldwide. I really think the big one was when the Saudi government chose U.S. forces to protect them from Iraq over Osama back in the 70's.

Might this "radical" brand of Islam come to flourish without our meddling in the Middle East? Sure. Would it have happened as quickly or produced the sort of fervor it has? I'll leave that for you to decide, but my bet is it wouldn't have. Osama and his hardy band would have been happy for a number of years as hometown heroes and hired guns in the region - after driving the Russians out of Afghanistan they needed something to do and we took away their employment.

So, while I don't consider myself a Republican, kudos to Ron Paul for attempting to open up a real debate about a foriegn policy that involves something other than a big stick. Click here for more.

Why you shouldn’t vote or watch American (idol) tonight and tomorrow

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
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The simple reason is because your vote DOES NOT MATTER. What? Did you read that right? Are you starting to feel angry because of that comment? Well that is exactly what MSNBC and FOX News has thought us in the past few weeks. If you voice your opinion and it is against their opinion then obviously the system is broken. Ron Paul people have been accused (not proven) that they spammed the MSNBC poll and found a way to rig the FOX News poll after the debate. Don't you think it is ironic especially that American Idol is ran exactly the same way and that they have accused (not proven) Ron Paul's camp of doing this as if it is a horrible thing? Then they have to the nerve to call it a false win and that it means nothing. That's right calling or texting for the person you want to win means absolutely nothing to FOX. No one has been able to prove that there was multiple votes from the same person after the debate on FOX and they even set up safe guards to prevent it and yet they still say it means nothing. How much less does your vote count for American Idol?

4:23 AM - Click here for more.

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America Talks Back About 9/11

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to confront our elected officials and Presidential candidates in local settings about their beliefs related to 9/11.