Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Confessions Of A Libertarian...

It’s been years since I heard that advice, but I thought about it this morning when I was watching a news clip of Ron Paul at the Republican debate. Paul’s been my candidate since I heard he was running. He has a record of upholding the constitution. He pushes for small government. Hell, he has a sign on his desk that says “Don’t steal, thats the governments job.” Sure he’s crazy, but I like him. I knew he was anti-war from the beginning... he’s a Libertarian after all.
The problem is that I’ve always believed in the war. It felt like something that needed to be done. I saw the war as protecting our way lives. I still do in fact. Which is where I deviate from the path set out by the Libertarian Party, and followed by Ron Paul.

So, I’m left wondering how do I reconcile my libertarian beliefs with my support for the war. Within the libertarian framework I find local and national policy easy. Simplified, my rights extend to where yours begin, and government exists only to protect our rights... that about covers it. But, how do you handle international issues?

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